How To Get Paid Online
Thousands of people spend hour after hour scouring through scam after scam searching the internet for ways that they can make money from home.  After years of personal experience of filtering out the scams from the genuine, I have decided to set up this simple website which details and lists websites that will pay you for your activity.  Good money can be made with some of these websites, especially if it you stick to it and put a lot of effort in and some of them can be good fun too.


Paid To Post

MoraChat is basically just a forum with a friendly active community.  The only difference is that MoraChat pay you to make posts.  They pay $0.1c - $0.2c per post depending upon length and quality.  Payout is through Paypal when your balance reaches $9.

MyLot is similar to above, except that this is not a forum.  It is a community website where users are paid to start discussions and post responses to discussions that others have started.  MyLot is extremely popular and very active.  Pay rates depend upon the length and quality of posts aswell as how popular the discussion is.  Payment is through Paypal at $10.


Paid To Review

Dooyoo is a consumer review websites which pay their users for writing reviews.  If the item you wish to review isn't listed, submit it as a suggestion and they will add it to their catalogue.  Dooyoo pay 50p for each review that is over 150 words plus 1p each time a user reads it.  Reviews that are nominated that then go on to receive a crown are awarded an extra 3.50.

Ciao is another consumer review website, very similar to Dooyoo, but with a much bigger and more active community.  Payment rates aren't as high here but the withdrawal limit is a lot lower at just 5.  Ciao also pay an extra 2 at the end of each month for the best detailed reviews.

Review Stream offer up to $2 (1) per review as long as they pass their quality inspection.  For reviews which don't meet the inspection, they still offer $0.40c (20p) per review.  Review Stream is rapidly becoming more and more popular.  They don't have a login system though, which can be a little confusing at first.


Searching The Internet

My Homepage Friends is a site which gives you your very own homepage then pays you each time you use the Yahoo! search box to search the internet.  Yep, that's right!  With My Homepage Friends You can get paid for what you've been doing anyway all this time!


Paid To Click is probably the most popular PTC website.  They pay you $0.01c to view adverts for a time period of thirty seconds each.  They have new adverts added daily. pay through Alertpay once your balance reaches $5.

Crew Bux is another PTC which has a very good reputation.  They usually have more adverts than most other PTC websites and therefore you can reach payout quicker.  Crew bux is quite a fast operating site and is my personal favourite PTC site.

Think Bux is another website similar to the two above.  I like the mellow look of this site, it gives the site a nice feel.  Think Bux usually only have a couple of adverts per day, but every extra little bit helps.

BuxUp is again, the same as the above sites.  Of course, the more of these sites you sign up with, the more income you are generating for yourself each day.  BuxUp is a clean looking site and easy enough to use.

SwatCash is another site with a good reputation and some people have been known to earn quite a lot of money here.  Aswell as offering PTC (Paid To Click) SwatCash also offer payment for taking part in offers and surveys and have a good scheme and concept.

Archerfish is more of a PTR (Paid To Read) site which sends its users regular paid emails.  They also pay to take part in offers and sometimes have adverts which they pay you to watch.  Archerfish currently offer a 0.25p ($0.50c) signup bonus.


Social Networking

Yuwie is a social networking website, similar to Myspace and Facebook.  The only difference is that Yuwie actually pay you for your profile views.  There is some heavy advertising on the site.


Sharing Pictures

ShareAPic is a website which pays it's users for having their photos views.  All this time you've been uploading your pictures to your Facebook profile for your friends and family to see when you could have been getting paid for it with ShareAPic


Paid Surveys

Survey Savvy are probably the highest paying survey site and have a very good reputation.  Survey Savvy pay on avergae from $5 up to $15 per survey depending on length of time expected to take the survey.

Ciao Surveys usually pay a good rate and send out surveys more regularly than any other survey site.  Payment varies depending upon the length of the survey, usually from 10p ($0.20c) to 4.00 ($8) per survey.  Ciao Surveys are one of my favourite survey sites.